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Story About Us

Ingabo Plant Health is a social enterprise that provides solutions for Rwandan farmer to reduce crop losses, increase crop yields and increase their household incomes. We currently operate in the North-western region of Rwanda; Musanze, Rubavu and Nyabihu districts. We have identified that approximately $1 Billion in crop production is lost every year by Rwandan farmers to plant health issues caused by pests, fungus, or nutritional deficiencies. More importantly, these plant health issues are completely preventable if farmers are given access to the necessary inputs to treat them and the know-how to diagnose them. Ingabo prides us on providing the following solutions to Rwandan farmers: 1. Train village level agricultural practitioners in plant health diagnosis & analysis
2. Import high quality agricultural inputs customized for plant health issues in Rwanda
3. Establish convenient distribution networks for farmers to access and use these inputs.