Seed Coating

Available in 1Kg, 500Gr


Malathion 2.0% W/W + Permethrin 0.3% W/W. Malaxym is grain dust with excellent control of larger grain borers, and weevils in stored grain. (Lesser Grain Borer Grain Weevil Agoumois Grain Moth Red Flour Beetle Dried Bean Beetle Larger Grain Borer)

Pre Condition

-Ensure the maize is well dried. -Shelling can be done manually or mechanically -Dust the granary/store before placing the treated bags or grain. Repeat treatment after six months


Cob-maize: Sprinkle Malaxym after every layer of 30-40cm (approximately 50gm of Malaxym Dust for every two bags of cob maize). Shelled Grain: (Maize, beans, etc.) Dust at the rate of 50gm /bag (90kg) and mix thoroughly using a shovel on canvas. Dust the outside of the 90kg bags after filling to stem back re-infestation. The container is marked in 50g graduations for ease of use