About Ingabo Plant Health

Ingabo Plant Health is an enterprise that provides solutions for Rwandan farmers to reduce crop losses, increase crop yields and increase their household incomes. We currently operate in all provinces of Rwanda.
INGABO provides plant health advice and appropriate treatments to smallholder farmers through our network of trained village agrodealers.
Our mission is to increase the use of appropriate agrochemicals to reduce losses and increase incomes.

Ingabo provides the following solutions to rwandan farmers:

Input Supply

Import high-quality agricultural inputs customized for plant health issues in Rwanda.

  • Direct from manufacturer
  • Appropriate pack sizes
  • Delivered to the door
Agro-dealer Training

Train village level agricultural practitioners in plant health diagnosis & analysis.

  • Two Days Course
  • Diagnostic Manual
  • Follow-up Support
  • Android SmartPhone Application
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Establish convenient distribution networks for farmers to access and use these inputs.

  • Radio Advert
  • Shop front Painted
  • After sell Support
  • Field Extension services
  • Free USSD application access for Farmer on Plant Health
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Why Choose Us

High Quality Products

At Ingabo Plant Health we choose quality, that's why we are market leaders on high quality products imported from globally trusted manufacturers.

Affordable Prices

Quality Products and services are always worth everything, but we go the extra mile to make it easier for everyone to use our products by setting affordable prices.

24 x 7 Customer Support

If our customer has any issue or needs assistance, we have a team of experienced agronomists and customer care specialists who are ready to provide assistances.

What We Offer

We have a range of products with a variety of plant medecine to tackle all possible local pests and diseases

  • All/
  • Insecticide /
  • Fungicide /
  • Fertilizer /
  • Seed Coating /
  • Animal product /
  • Water treatment /
  • Others

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